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Village Palos Verdes HOA is a 180 Unit Townhome complex was built in four (4) phases from 1974 to 1977 in the Hollywood Riviera section of Redondo Beach, CA. Principal boundaries are Palos Verdes Blvd. and Calle Mayor. The Association is represented by a five (5) member Board of Directors elected by the homeowners. Board members are volunteer homeowners of the Homeowners Association (HOA), conducting all necessary business.

Regular monthly meetings of the Board of Directors are held the fourth Thursday of each month, at the El Retiro Park Meeting Room, 126 Vista del Parque Redondo Beach, CA 90277, beginning at 6:30 PM. The agenda and notice setting of the the meeting, are posted in the pool areas four (4) days before a meeting is held. A copy of the agenda will be posted on the website. Homeowners are invited to attend these meetings as they are Open Board Meetings. Homeowners who wish to speak at a meeting must sign up on the sign-up sheet before the meeting begins and there is a two (2) minute limit, which can be extended only by vote of the Board.

Monthly homeowner dues are currently $465.00 per month, covering monthly operating expenses (for example, insurance, outside lighting, trash and recycling pickup, landscaping, pool utilities and maintenance, other exterior maintenance/repairs, etc.), as well as providing a monthly contribution to reserve funds to be used to help fund maintenance and repair projects, including emergency repairs. 

The Village Palos Verdes Homeowners Association (HOA) is governed by CC&Rs, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations that are posted on this Web site. It is the responsibility of owners to provide their tenants with a copy of the Rules and Regulations. Rule violations are subject to citation and subsequent monetary fines. Not having a copy of the rules does not absolve you from a citation.

The Village Palos Verdes HOA Web site provides relevant information to homeowners. This Web site restricts most content for viewing by homeowners only. Tenants can be granted access to some pages of the site. Click Register on the Home page to apply for access. Your ownership/rental status will be verified before granting Web page access.

Scott Management Company serves as our management company, handling our financials, monthly billings, property maintenance, emergency repairs, etc.  See the Management Company page on this Web site for more information.





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